What is Driver CPC?

If you drive a HGV (heavy goods vehicle), Coach or Bus for a job then you've no doubt already heard of Driver CPC.  If you're just thinking of training to do this then you may not be aware that you will need a Driver CPC qualification.  So what is it?

Driver CPC stands for Certificate of Professional Competence and is a fairly new qualification that was brought in, in 2015 ago and is now a requirement for all professional HGV, Bus and Coach drivers.  It's now not possible to obtain a commercial driving licence without first completing this initial qualification.

New Drivers

All new drivers seeking to obtain their first Category C or Category D licence will undergo a complete training programme that includes initial CPC training. Along with the CPC training is preparation for the appropriate theory test and the practical skills instruction needed to pass the driver's final two exams. This entire process combined, including all of the tests, is known as the initial CPC qualification.

Periodic Training

Drivers that were licenced prior to 2008 were given until September 2015 to undertake the necessary training to achieve their CPC qualification.  

The CPC card is valid for 5 years, in order to renew the card the driver must complete 35 hours of training.  This training can be made up of a large selection of courses available from CPC training centres.  These courses range from First aid to Manual Handling, Driver Hour Rules to Fuel Efficient Driving and many more.

We offer a wide selection of CPC courses from our training centre.

Upcoming Courses