NTSS / In-house Courses

As well as our CPCS and NPORS courses we also offer our own in-house courses and certifications.  Training and testing for our NTSS courses is structured in line with the other awarding bodies that we are accredited to.  All our instructors are accredited with one or more of the awarding bodies that we are accredited to and the training offered is up to the same standard.  These courses/certifications are ideal for employees who require adequate training to ensure they can safely operate plant but don’t require a more recognized certification.

NTSS courses can be taken at either our purpose built training center or at your premises where conditions are met. Novice Training should where possible be kept away from live work.

NTSS courses can be tailored to the trainees and/or companies needs.


NTSS In-house Training

We have a comprehensive range of plant and safety training courses available with our own in-house certification.  We use of a classroom for theory training with different aids being used. Use of a separate area out of the way where all levels of practical training can be carried out away from normal commercial operations. We can also carry out specific job training which will cover knowledge and understanding of the operating principles and controls to be used and how it will be used in your workplace. 

NTSS In-house Tests

If you are an experienced operator you will be able to undertake a theory and practical test  without the need for training.  These are the same tests that would take place at the end of one of our plant training courses.

As no training will be offered if only tests are booked we often suggest that a ‘refresher day’ may be useful.    This can be especially helpful to experienced operators that have many years of experience, who are self-taught and may have fallen into bad habits or are concerned about passing the theory section of the test.

See the page for your chosen category for details of refresher training.

We can generally test up to 6 individuals per day but this does vary per category.

What to expect on the day:

The Theory Test

You will first undertake the theory section of the test.  The theory test will be a written exam made up of 25 questions.  The first 5 questions will require a full written answer.  The next 20 questions are multiple choice.

The theory test can be undertaken by more than one person at a time in the same room.

You will not be permitted access to any computer or mobile phone during the test.  You will not receive any help or guidance during the test. (If you feel you may require help with your theory test, please consider booking refresher training in advance of the test).

You can use a translator during the tests, but the person carrying out the translation must not be one of the people on the course and will be required to state that they have undertaken the translating on each persons paperwork.   If you do not have a translator available for you we can provide one for you but this will be for an additional charge and this must be requested in advance.

Ideally you would pass the theory test in order to progress to the practical test.  If you fail the theory test you will be offered the opportunity to undertake the practical test but you would then have to retake the theory test at another time and would incur an additional charge for this.

The Practical Test

Once you have successfully passed the Theory Test you will move onto the Practical Test.  This will take place at an assigned test area and will involve the tester providing you with instructions to follow.  You will then be accessed to ensure you have the necessary experience, core skills and the technical knowledge to carry out the duties required safely.

At the end of the test you will be asked to complete a form providing your contact details.

If you successfully achieve both the theory and practical elements of the test you will be awarded an NTSS Card or Certificate which will be sent to the company or individual who has booked and paid for the course once payment in full has been received.  Certification is either a credit card still certificate or a paper certificate depending on the course. 

Card/Certification Renewals: Your NTSS card/certification will be valid for 5 years after which you will need to renew the qualification by repeating the test day.

To book your NTSS test please contact us.  

For details of the different courses we offer, please see our OperatorTraining page.

Other Available Accreditations