Training Partnerships


Over the years we have developed long term relationships with many of our clients.  A number of these relationships have developed into mutually beneficial working arrangements.  Given the success of these relationships we wanted to extend this opportunity out to other companies around the UK – and so we have developed our ‘Training Partnership Programme’.

Simply put our training partnership enables businesses that don’t have their own training department to operate as if they do.  As one of our training partners you will be able to offer plant and/or health and safety training in addition to your other services.  With very little input from you, your company will be able to gain an additional revenue source, provide a more comprehensive service to your clients and you will also benefit from special discounts on any training for your own employees.

How does it work?

How you integrate this into your business will depend on how you currently run your business, the type of business you have and the marketing tools you have available.

We have aimed our Training Partnership mainly at plant hire type companies as this is where we have found this type of arrangement most successful in the past but if you think your company could be suitable, please get in touch to discuss it with us.

Letting your clients know that you offer training

In order to benefit fully from the partnership you will need to let your clients know that you are able to provide them with training.  Depending on your business, there are several ways of doing this:

  • If you have a website you may wish to have a training section added to your site.  It’s up to you whether you advertise that you work with us or whether it’s viewed as a department of your company.
  • You could email all your clients if you are set up to do so – we would be able to provide you with a fully designed mail shot if you wanted to do this.
  • We can provide  posters or leaflets for  your reception or hire centre if you have one.
  • In addition to the above, the most effective way of marketing your new service would be to talk to your clients about it.  Perhaps staff could mention it when an enquiry comes in for example.

Selling the training to your clients

We will provide you with all the information you need to be able to offer the training to your customers including some basic details of the courses you want to offer and of course the cost.  How much detail you want to go into with the client is up to you.  Some of our partners handle nearly all the booking themselves before passing it to us.  Some just take a name and phone number and get their ‘training department’ (us) to contact the customer to discuss and organize the training.

We will work with you in whatever way suits you best and will be available as ongoing support whenever you need it.

Taking a booking

When you have a client who would like to enquire about or book training you can either:

  • Keep it simple and take some basic contact details from the client to pass to us. We will then contact the client, answer any questions they have and arrange the training.  We will of course keep you in the loop at all times.
  • Take all details of the clients requirements and contact us to obtain available dates, you can then book the training directly with your client.

In both instances we would invoice you directly for all training provided to one of your clients, you in turn would invoice them.

Course Fees

We will provide you with significantly discounted rates on courses you will be offering.  You can then add whatever you feel is suitable onto the course.  We will advise what we charge others for the courses to give you an idea of how much these courses are usually available for.

You can also take advantage of these discounted course fees for the training of your own employees.

How do I become a training partner?

If you think you would like to become one of our training partners please get in touch.  Initially we’ll answer any questions you might have over the phone.  We can then arrange to meet with you, discuss it further and answer any questions you might have.

If you decide to go ahead we’ll work with you to integrate your new training department into your business.

If you would like to benefit from this sort of mutually beneficial relationship with us, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Some of our current partners include:

A Plant Tool Hire – One of the UK’s leading equipment hire companies with over 125 Service Centres and more than 2,250 employees

Universal Builders Supplies Ltd – World Class High Rise Construction Access Solutions