Why Safety On A Construction Site Is Needed

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Why Safety On A Construction Site Is Needed

Full article with thanks to: blog.constructionmarketingassociation.org/safety-on-site


Keeping a construction site safe, is no easy task. With many various aspects to consider, it can be difficult to know where to begin. The obvious starting point is keeping the construction workers themselves safe whilst they’re at work. As their employer, that’s your responsibility.

Another element that you need to consider, is keeping the public safe. From preventing a member of the public from walking onto the site itself, to warning them of scaffolding, to falling debris and more, one thing is for sure, you’ve got your work cut out for you…So, lets have a look at some of the tried and tested ways safety is implemented successfully on a construction site.


A customs signs company will tell you that signage is one of the most commonplace things in everyday life. Signs are everywhere, but become so engrained into our daily lives that we don’t often see them. Therefore good signage on a construction site is crucial.

You need to consider the types of dangers on your construction site, and then put safety measures in place accordingly. For example, if there is heavy machinery on site, then signs warning your employees of this, will keep them extra vigilant. Provide mph signs for the machinery itself, so your teams know how fast they should be moving on site.

Signs are also an excellent way of warning the general public away from your construction site. Large, visible signs with clear warnings on the outside of the site are ideal. No entry signs, No Unauthorised Access signs, Warning signs, Keep Out signs and more, will do the job perfectly.

Safety Workwear

Things move quickly on a construction site, so it’s crucial that your teams are visible at all times. High quality workwear is the ideal solution.

From safety helmets, to steel-toed boots, high visibility jackets for winter and high visibility waistcoats for when the weather is warmer and even durable workwear trousers. All these items are ideal for keeping your employees safe and will allow them to work hard without compromise. You can also endorse these on site, with signage instructing that safety workwear must always be worn.

For an extra touch, you could even invest in branded safety workwear. Ideal for giving that professional look and branding your company. By choosing branded workwear, company ownership is communicating confidence in past, present, and future work.


Construction sites are some of the most dangerous of all workplaces, with numerous potential hazards and dangers. For this reason, effective health and safety training and risk management has a vital part to play in the industry.

Only employing those who have successfully completed a safety in construction course should help eliminate future risks and even help prevent future accidents. As an employer, it’s important for you to ensure that everyone who steps onto your site, has the correct information and there can be no exceptions.

You can also ensure that their information and knowledge is kept up to date, by organising regular course refreshers and updates for everyone on site.


Full article with thanks to: blog.constructionmarketingassociation.org/safety-on-site


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